Cocoon Ibiza 2003..............


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Cocoon@Amnesia 2003

opening:23 june - svent vath, Paco Osuna, Richard Bartz (live)

closing:15 september - sven vath, Richie Hawtin, Alter Ego (live)

This years Motto is "in your face"
They are going to be focusing on the cocoon artists...
cant wait, especially to see sven vath!!!!

ill predict ill lose 2 stone weight by the nites end!!!hehe
He played here in Rotterdam last friday, not bad, I must say 8)
damn it!! I will miss Sven when I'm in Ibiza!! :cry: :cry: Oh well, i guess I don't have much to complain with Marco Carola, Adam Beyer and Pascal F.E.O.S. :rolleyes: :D

But hate to miss the master though...