Cocoon Classics?


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Apologies for my ignorance on this one, but I've never heard of this party before. Whats the deal with this? I've just noticed its on Friday 28th August at Amnesia instead of People from Ibiza!

Does anyone have a little more info? :?:
Popular industrial Techno night founded by Sven Vath in 2000.

Has a strong, regular folowing in Ibiza, especially with our German Friends.
Sorry Bez, I didn't make myself clear. I love Cocoon to bits, but hadn't heard of a Cocoon Classics night, or at least there hasn't been one on before while ive been there. This seems to be on a Friday alongside the normal Monday night.
Im sure some of the club experts can help you on that info.

What would you consider as your top 3 cocoon classics?
Lol toughie..

Legowelt - Disco Rout

Reboot - Ronson (Love this at the minute)

andd Dinky - Acid in my fridge
Im sure some of the club experts can help you on that info.

What would you consider as your top 3 cocoon classics?

Aksidenz Grotesk - Isbjorn

Chrom - Cygnet Grace (Raudive remix)

Audion - Mouth 2 Mouth
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Aksidenz Grotesk - Isbjorn

Audion - Mouth 2 Mouth

Those 2 aren't released on the cocoon label, but defenitly cocoon (@ ibiza) classics

My Cocoon classic top 5 (actually released on the cocoon label):

1. Argy - Unreliable Virgin
2. 2000 and one - Tropical Melons
3. Dinky - Acid In My Fridge
4. Oliver Koletzki - Der Mückenschwarm
5. Ingo Boss - Little Eternity

All above are older releases, because the tracks they released the last years are just insane, If I did take a look on all those tracks I couldn't possibly fit them in a Top 25!

Cocoon classics (not released on cocoon label, but associated with the cocoon party's):

1. 2000 and One - Adonai Elohim
2. Unit 4 - Body Dub (Tiefschwarz Remix)
3. Aksidenz Grotesk - Isbjörn
4. Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck
5. Goldfrapp - Twist (Jacques Lu Conts Conversion Perversion Mix)
6. Gabriel Ananda - Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie
7. Wassermann - W.I.R.
8. Heartthrob - Baby Kate
9. Hugg & Pepp - Snabeln
10. LFO - Freak

Just a quick top 10, I could go on forever (top 100?) and I probably forgot lots of tracks!
i shall think this will start a 6PM and end at.....dunno really and really dont care coz it will be so mad that i will not want it to end!
Too bad I won't be there in august :(
Any news on the start of the regular nights? I know they've been trying to start at 6pm since last year, but they weren't allowed then