Cocoon @ AMNESIA 2010

From RA info for CocoonClub Frankfurt NYE:

''2010 – The year we make contact.

Having been just a far vision of our future on celluloid back in 1984, this has now become club reality of a visionary kind in Frankfurt. The U.F.O. (which is the official name of the building where cocoonclub is located) has already landed several stardates ago and cocoonclub is still looking far into the future and is always presenting new musical life forms which are communicating through the enormous sound system sending extraordinary measurements to the spaceship visitors. In order to welcome this special year, we have created a space artwork together with the Reach Visual team (a worldwide famous audiovisual design team from the Netherlands) that will take you to a space journey you'll never forget... The bridge is controlled by Commander Sven Väth, DJ Karotte and Joris Voorn in turns – a constellation that doesn't need any more words to be described. The countdown has started. Welcome to the Space Odyssey!''
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Press release from :

Cocoon is here already!!!

Could not be otherwise, Cocoon lands on Amnesia Ibiza again.
Sven Vath lead on Monday nights with popular Cocoon DJs and renowned special collaborations, fun is guaranteed.

After the great success of 2009, Cocoon returns with renewed energy, willing to be the referent of the spectacle and folly of the summer again.

On Monday June 14th, 2010 Cocoon begin its schedule of events at Amnesia Ibiza, making us vibrate until 27th September. More info soon.

Armed with the best Techno and amazing surprises, start the invasion of the White Island, the resistence isn’t possible, you are advised!!!