Cocoon 26/8



I was just wondering if any Brits (or any other english speaking people i.e americans, canadians etc) fancy meeting up for cocoon on the above date? Its not that I dont have anything against other nationalities its just that last time I went this night there were virtually no english speaking people in there which makes me feel a little uncomfortable as I can't talk to anyone except for the friends im with.
I know this sounds a little wierd but if n e body's up 4 it then let me know.
Thanx :D
dannytab, I have to say that with that sort of attitude, you may end up alone...

You have to make a bit of effort, there can't be very many people on the island who can't speka some english....

By the way I noticed you never mentioned the Irish.....and for the record, I'm Scottish, but would never consider myself British.....

Sorry for being so patriotic, but to make friends you have to have an open mind.... :lol:
i'm with stevie on this one... i havent met one european who can only speak there own language and cant speak english at all. They all can to some degree. Besides you can convey so much in body language alone and its fun too. Meet new people, people who speak different languages and come from different cultural backgrounds they'll surprise you and you'll have a blast. I'm all up for partying with germans and italians and everyone else eventhough i cant speak a word of german or italian! 18 more days to go!!!!
I do agree with you, i dont have anything against being in a club with people from different nationalities, its a lot better than being in a club full of brits, I was only wondering if any one wanted to meet up 2 go.
I think that last post come out a bit wrong, sorry if I offended any1.
im up 4 it!!!

hi there, im defintiely up 4 the cocoon nite!!!
im mandy and im from ireland, heading out with 20 mates on sunday 25th 4 2weeks, did you hear sven vath? he plays there the 2 mondays im there so defintiely up 4 it, heard him on ibiza programme and his stuff is really mad!

c y a there