Cocoon 14 september :)


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Ill be there, sneak and ricardo in the terrace, i couldnt have asked for more to be honest!

Anyone know if they will be going B2B?

I know they have done it once or twice in the past. Two different dj's but im sure it would be awesome if they were to go B2B.

anyone ever seen them do it?

At first i would have prefered to be two seperate sets but the more i think about it the more i want it B2B!

Yer them back to back would be ace. They play totally different types of house so it would be interesting to see how it went. minimal house switchin to jackin etc! Be quality that!
So jealous.. imo musically this will be the night of the season. 2 of my most fav dj's playing all night on the amnesia terrace. With them both playing totally different styles I reckon it'll be amazing! Unfortuatly I booked Bestival before the Ibiza lineups were announced otherwise I would have been there.

Have fun! 8)

Not forgetting Vath and Curly on the terrace to :eek: