coccoon ibiza : The sound of the third season


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just recently bought this cd, and ain't it good, i love the little interludes, as the night goes on, and i love the sound of the smoke machie goin off, it sounds totally mental!!!
just got the cd last week for it only got released in the states last week. i love it - it reminds me of the cocoon nites in eivissa. :D
yeah, the cd is great... an absolute ibiza-FLASHBACK!!!!

:cry: i can't wait to come back to the island and experience another fantastic cocoon night @ amnesia
hey ivy ..... sure your not in the background on that cd??? hee hee
lucky sod....

superb cd ....
cant get enough of Acid Storm thats a track
roll on next sept ....
yea, acid storm!! how bout the renato cohen -pontape trak :lol: :D
i love it when you hear the smoke machine kick in, and the crowd roars, god such a good cd
i also love shari vari and blood angels!!!!
but my favourite is definitely legowelt - disco rout!!!! sven really played it throughout the whole summer..he stills plays it actually

btw. did i mention that i was at his birthday party in his club u60311 in frankfurt???

aaaehhhmm... IT WAS A GREAT PARTY ;-)))
poison ivy- yeah, those songs are fabulous too.

you went to his b-day party- you are so lucky, i'm sure you had a ball :lol: