Coastline cafe?


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Does anyone know if there are any plans for the old Coastline cafe site this year? It was weird seeing it closed and the pool empty especially with it's prime location. Or has the credit crunch made any takeover/re-opening impossible?.


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sunseabar is open already, kanya and kasbah are preparing to open..... but CC continues looking abandoned!! :(


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Such a shame that somewhere that was once fairly iconic remains closed, pool is quite big too.

Luke C

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I noticed yesterday that they were doing works on the apartments above but the pool and restaurant area are still deserted, shame really as it used to be my favourate, it seems to have gone down hill since kanya opened albeit they attract a different clientelle


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Coastline used to be really good, but I heard they lost there music licence because of complaints from the apartments above. However dont take my word for it

Shame, I always remeber when Passion held a night in there, and I remember seeing Fatboy Slim in there also!


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woah didnt even know that place was shut ? Really gutted bout it , used to love sitin there feet in the pool and a large cocktail !!! Bloody hope its up and runnin by 2011 !!!


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anyone know if coastline will reopen this year after looking rather like a disused building site last year? McRackin??


Active Member the waste ground/car park behind the sunset strip (next to la sirena) now a park??
If so, where is best to park now in San An?


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no. the park is a small plot, maybe 3000 sq m behind the sunset strip. that big car park next to the country market and down to sirena is still for parking