coastline cafe: shocking news!!


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okay boys and girls - i have some shocking news!! :eek:

please note that i cant confirm that this info is totally true but a little bird (a very well informed little bird ;) ) told me today that some big changes happened at coastline cafe in es caló des moro - san antonio. seems like the two owners are not partners anymore so they divided the famous sunset bar in two different bars. one bar will remain as coastline cafe and the other bar will have a different name (apparently run by the owner of sunset cafe in plaza del parque - ibiza town)!!

more info soon!! :rolleyes:


wow- yet ANOTHER Bar.... who gets Rob and Hed Kandi?

Speaking of Sunset cafe, the chill mix that they put out a few years back by Cesar Vergel was one of the best I've ever heard. Wish I could find another copy- my CD's worn out....
I heard they put a second one out, too.
in april, sunset was open,...but with a complete new decor, and i cuoldnt see the name anywhere...
the rumours were true and i can confirm that coastline cafe is divided now in two different places!! :eek:

according to my sources the well known mr. S will be the owner of the restaurant. apparently he wants to make it more affordable - not ridiculously expensive as in the past!! :eek:

more gossip soon!! :p
does coastline have sand infront of it?

When i went last it had only just opened and the sighn wasnt even on the roof. i heard they were importing sand so it had a beach infront of it, did this ever happen?
Yep, it had sand last year.

I remember in 2001 when it first opened it didnt though.
the rumours were true once again and its confirmed that mr. S owns the part with the restaurant!! :eek:

according to the latest informations the restaurant will remain as coastline cafe and the other half (the more bar-oriented part) will have a new name!! :rolleyes:

in related news - mr. S entered last year into partnership at kanya and this year he is the owner - an intelligent guy!! :eek:

keep your eyes open for the next update!! ;)
always thought coastline was owned partly by cafe del mar,the geezer who run coastline was called pepe,anyways i wont be going to coastline as the pr manager wants to break my legs-goodbye