coastline cafe pre-parties!!


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here is the list:

Tuesday – Clockwork Orange and The Gallery
Wednesday – Lashed
Thursday – Cream
Friday – Dave Pearce
Saturday – Hed Kandi
Sunday – Judgement Sunday pool and pre party

pre parties at coastline

Will these guys be playing every week. Never been to coastline is it an open house.
Am grinning ... Hed Kandi on the Saturday ... am soooooo grinning !!!!
Yip Saffy, grinning too :D

I think my Saturday will be spent at Coastline for the Hed Kandi pre party but gonna head back to the hotel after it instead of going out - so I can get up early - batteries all fully charged for the Sunday in Space...
Coastline was honestly my favo place on the island, better than the clubs. The views, teh food and drink, the ppl, the atmosphere... superb. I remember Hed Kandi there last year... one of the best moments of my trip. And eating dinner with Armin there too! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!
What time do the pre-parties start and finish?

Will definately be there for the Hed Kandi pre party with my various cocktails! :D
SOme of our djs from ClubtheWorld are going to be playing at these pre-parties - in particular the Cream one & poss the Clockwork Orange one. Am going out there this thurs to finalise things so as soon as i have some def plans will post them on here