coastline accomodation


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could some1 please give me information on the hotels on coastline,the ones near kanya.We stayed in the shyty 18-30 hotel this year and want to go to a better place but i cannot find any info on the hotels/apartments around this area.I know they'll be a bit more expensive but it'll be worth it

I stayed at the Gran Sol in June this year, which is about 100 yds from Kanya and about 2mins from Coastline. It's in a very good location for all the sunset bars.

It's quite a nice little hotel, it's not Pikes but it's clean and comfortable. You can read some of the reviews posted on this website here (mine included, the one at the bottom)

Hope this is of use. ;)

I am booked to stay at the Costa Mar Studios in 2004 which are located on the coast just a couple of mins up from Coastline/Kashbah/Kanya etc. Booked them through Sunset (Thomas Cook/Jmc?). :?:

You can check them out on the web at :idea:

God luck :p
the best hotel imo near Catalina, great service , clean and perfect location if you - like me - love the strip!