cheryl pearson

hi everyone,
can anyone tell me what are the best clubs to go to in ibiza for music like the stuff on mos dance nation anthems, may sound siily but i am new to all this. Also what is privilge like i hear they have a swimming pool that everyone flops it at the end of the night is this true? god i havent lived, and havent got a clue help help help
I like the Ibiza Town side , Playa D'en Bossa, San Rafael side clubs better then San Antonio myself. However, if you are into the Anthem type stuff you might really enjoy the San Antonio side more (Eden, Es Paradis)

Here are my favorites. Space and Pacha! Amnesia is OK too and Privilege is my least favorite. Yes, Privilege has a big pool and Manumission is held there. Manumission is more hype though then a good music night. Privilege is definately worth checking out at least once just for the fact that it is the biggest night club in the world. On a less frequented night Privilege can be quite spacious, which is nice if you can't stand hot, crowded, sweaty clubs for too long! You must at least go check out Space during the day out on the terrace. Oh, and at night at least once to check out the darker inside vibe at Space. Pacha sometimes has a more cosmopolitan flavor to it if you will, but it is a cool club. El Divino, I never went to so I can't comment on that one. Since your new to this, I would suggest checking it all out to get an idea of what
you like and don't like! Have a fun! :D
yeah go privilege if you want, but you may be dissapointed!!!

san an clubs probably aren't worth wasting money, unles you like godskitchen, or judge jules, or dave pearce, with a predominantly young crowd....

Amnesia is woth a visit on eother coccoon night or cream night!!!

pacha, space, el divino are in my opinon the best clubs, such great music, such a cosmoplitan crowd......and they are beautiful clubs....
I dont think folks are allowed into the swimming pool at Privelidge any more. Just as well as it is RANK
El Divino is DIVINE. 8) The outside patio looks like a palatial terrace with beautiful columns, and its right on the water... you can sit out there and have a drink while the warm night breeze blows through. It has the elegance of Pacha, without the extreme expense. Plus my boy and I met Dave Seaman there.... it was NUTS!
I went to El Divino this year, very good. I met Dave Seaman there too, I think he lives under the dj booth in a little record box. What I liked was that you could go for a walk around a few bars on the other side of the harbour, then you could catch a little boat which takes you over to El Divino for about 1.50 Euro I think. It was a lot smaller than I imagined it being though, still worthy a visit.