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Never been to Ibiza, so...

I have a question about clubbing in June. Do I need to purchace tickets in advance for the big clubs? (even if it's just a regular club night without star DJ's) What are the chances of getting in quickly if I show up early before opening?
I wouldn't bother turning up before the club opens, its not that hectic. Most people arrive about 1-2 am, but even just after 12 is fine. You will get a ticket for whatever night you want. I like to get my tickets from bar m in san an. Its about 100metres from the egg, you'll find it no problem.
agree with all said there - usually i get tickets at mambo before i go to the club

only exception i made was getting them early for the Essential Mix show with Sasha last year.....but when i say earlier i mean earlier in that day

Ok, and as I've read it yesterday, someone wrote that there's hardly a sold out show for a star that right?

Also, how's Space in June? I've heard that there are 90 minute lineups and sometimes even the people with pre purchaced tickets don't get in.
Depends on the month and the time right?
Space can get too full and sometimes have a one in one out thing, its pretty rare though
You can always get in Amnesia and Privelige ( there was one time in 97 or 98 when Privelige actually got too full)
Pacha is never a problem
El devinio sometimes have to do one in out too but very rare.
buy your tickets the day b4 from a shop or bar e.t.c

I've never been to Es-Paradis!
All there seems to be on there this year is water parties, with DJ Sammy of all people!