Clubs in Barcelona



Hi all, I'm flying to Barcelona and then to Ibiza. I'm going to stay in Barcelona for 5 days, can anyone suggest good clubs or bars in Barcelona.
Dima, here are some suggestions:
Bars/cool lounges: Cafe Royale (c/nou de Zurbano 3) and Fonfone (c.Escudellers 24) in Placa Reial

Salsitas/Club 22 (c/nou de la Rambla 22) restaurant that turns into a funky lounge after midnight.

Big Clubs:
La Terrazza and Discotheque in Montjuic (electronic/techno)
Jamboree in Placa Reial (hip hop, reggae, jazz)
La Paloma (c/Tigre 27) Latin -- best on Thursday night

--I'm in Barcelona on June 29th & 30th, Ibiza for the month of July, and then Barcelona again on August 1st, 2nd. If you'd like to meet up just drop me an e-mail/pm.

Here's my pic:
Definitely try La Paloma on a Thursday

We witnessed some excellent breakdancing and then lots of Spanishy Housey type music. Don't know if they do that every week though.
We are doing the same thing...Barcelona/Sitges/Madrid b4 Ibiza. Does anyone know where to go to in Madrid on a Saturday night? We are into the large nice lounges that play house, have dancing, and beautiful people!

Same thing for Barcelona...Cafe Royale sounds cool and so does Salsitas...anyone else?

I gather that Pacha in Sitges in the place to be!?