clubs in barcelona?


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on my way to ibiza i'm spending a couple of days in barcelona, and the no 1 question is of cource what's up clubwise? hint: i'm a ibiza town/ pacha/ space/ amnesia kind of guy...
The first ever pacha that opened is in Sitges which is a short taxi from Barca.

Go there!!!!


is barca a good place to go drinking and clubbing? or is it just the odd club and for the maturer people? cos this year me and my friends are going to ibiza i went when i was 15 and loved now im 18 and going back with my mates no parent whaoo were just thinkin where to go next and barcalona would be such a cool place to visit me thinks anyone tell me much more info on the place please! thanks Dan :p
Never been to Barcelona but have been to Madrid and lived on the Costa del sol for a while
From what I have heard there are clubs in Barcelona
The whole spanish scene tends to be hard Techno and Trance.
Coming up to summer there is also the big festivals similar to what we have over here in the Uk . There might be one of them on, they are usually in a big field and there are hundreds of Dj's on.
There are good spanish Dj's that play different styles like Wally Lopez
I'm sure you will find something of interest there.

1. Discotheque and La Terrazza which are both located on Montjuic.
2. Fonfone ~ c/Escudellers 24 in Placa Reial (small venue, good place to start the night)
3. La Paloma ~ c/Tigre 27, Raval - Thu/Fri night.
4. Salsitas (las Ramblas/nour de rambla) a great place for eating which turns into a nightclub after 1:00.

Hip Lounge/Hang Out Bar
1. Cafe Royale in Placa Reial