Clubs Dress Code



Hello people, can you tell me if you can wear trainers to the clubs?
Cheers K! Going next Wednesday, first time in Ibiza for me!
You’ll have a ball. I’m going over at the end of September for the closing party of space, it’ll be my 6th time and I cant wait.
You will prob find trainers are too hot for a lot of clubs, esp Space/DC10.

Basically anything goes in Ibiza :D
Yep u can , but dont wear swimwear or swimming trunks/shorts .

My b/f got told by the bouncer @ es paradis he was not allowed in as he was wearing shorts lol , the bouncer was strict about it but a few eye lash flutters from me an he let him in lol but warned him that it wont work next time!
perks of being a female!!!! ;)

we fly out tomorrow,cant wait!two weeks of sheer madness at last!!! :D
Funny thing, my friend brought some really nice shoes to Ibiza. At the end of our trip he had to leave them behind because they were smashed -- looked like he was hiking a volcano.
Best to wear cool ones though ;)

You don't wanna look like you just came off the tennis court :oops: