Clubbing in Rio de Janeiro & Búzios for Carnival 2010 -ideas and suggestions required


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Morning all and Happy new year,

Just chucking this out there, not sure if there is a big Brazilan contingent on the sportlight boards but what the heck, ive never been and really dont know what to expect other than what i've read online.

So myself and the good lady are off to Rio for Carnival this year (feb 2010) and then spending a week in Buzios after to relax. I am sure there must be some half decent clubs in and around Rio, ive noted a pacha in Buzios and a few other places but am looking for recomendations for the locals so to speak.

Mainly into tech house, trance nights, no minimal : ) etc... (think Cream night at Amnesia, trance in the main room and decent tech house in the other)

Who knows, maybe see you there


hey there Jon - thanks for the heads up my friend, cant believe ive not found this on the million and one googles ive done for that time zone.

Have already booked tickets for the carnival, shockingly on the 14th to will probably miss you on that date - if your about for any other lets us know.

Once again thanks for the heads up and enjoy!