clubbing in october?


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hi people!

great to see that there is so much activity in this forum

i'm goin to ibiza on the 02.10. for one week - and now, after i booked the flight - i only see closing parties everywhere and almost empty space in every party-calendar.. wahhhh! i'm getting nervous..

are there some good (maybe house-) places to go? _after_ the closing parties?

help me out - i'm a newbie about ibiza.... bring me the party-light..

aaaand - gimme a hint... a honest one.. what place / what places is/are a _must-see_ for a first-time visitor?

hey - thanks for the quick help...

i just wanted to make sure, ya know? :)

so many websites are writing that this and that club are the "must sees".. and in the end, the owner's name is in the credits of the site.. ya know what i mean?

so i appriciate this forum - real opinions from real people..

so if you have further comments - feel free to go on - i thank ya in advance

*s* actually I've never been there during off-season. I guess you'll have way more locals (or at least you recognize them more) and more traffic at weekends rather than during the week since holidays are over.

hope you get some better answers :cry:
if ur going for clubbing in october, then don't bother.

only pacha and sometimes el-divino is open at weekends.

however having said that on a sat night in pacha can be like a summer night sometimes.

if ur going to ibiza in october for a relaxing holiday and want to have a good look around the island, and eat in some fantastic restaurants,etc etc then go.
MOrgana. Last April I was in the island and we went to Morgana. Nice place, good music and a wicked party.
i presume that if they get a new licence and meet all the regulations - they will open......but the disco mafia may try to stop it from opening....
I don't understand them, don't they have quite a big piece of pie from the benefits the whole island produce??

Let the smaller ones survive! :rolleyes:
thanks for the info, guys ...

you got some final advice for what places a mid-20guy is a _mustsee_?

TigerVlc said:
But is Pin Up definitely closed??or will they open next summer?

The Pin Up's zone is bought to construct a block of buildings there. So sad... :cry: it was one of my favorite's places.
It's going to dissapear forever. :rolleyes: :(