Clubbing in Manchester


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Does anyone know what's on in Manchester on Friday 7 November? Would be nice to hear of some good techno or electro nights.
It's only 3 weeks on Friday! I'm off to Pressure before then but I'm down that weekend for the football and fancy a night out.
Cough cough, no it's not 3 weeks on Friday, have you still not noticed your mistake? :lol:

You going to see Dave Clarke live at the end of this month? Novemeber was gonna be my Pressure debut but a few of my mate have expressed an interested in going this month and I'm never one to back out of a good night out! :D
Opps, just noticed my mistake. :oops:

I will be at Dave Clarke with bells on. Plus I will be in fancy dress!
ha ha ha ha I can imagine some of the twatted people at pressure will be extremely confused by that one. :lol: