Clubbing in Belgium/I Love Techno


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Making a trip to I Love Techno in mid-november, will be staying in Bruges from the friday until the monday to do a bit of sight seeing, and, hopefully, some more partying than just I Love Techno (although that's definitely worth the trip alone!)

any got any idea what other places there are to check out in the area, either on the friday or sunday nights, or whether there will be an I Love Techno afterparty?

Any other spotlighters attending ILT? Excitement levels going through the roof at the moment and it's WEEKS away :twisted::twisted::twisted:
making the trip there myself for the first time too...I've heard there are lots of after parties goin on, will just have to keep our ears to the ground when we get there!
I Love Techno hehe... Prepare for 'volzet' area's... Means FULL... So when you want to see a dj in another room and it's full you will have to wait to enter... Really bad organisation... Same **** every year!
I suppose that can't be helped as there are 30,000 people spread over 6 rooms....they can't all be in the same place at one time! Space opening fiesta.... now that's bad organisation!!
There will be lot of after parties in Ghent (where I love techno takes place). When you go for clubs try decadance in Ghent, they will definitly do an after party. If you want to go out on the other days I recommend cafe d'anvers in Antwerp or LaRocca in Lier (near Antwerp) especially the sundays are legendary there. The best club is Fuse in Brussels but is only open on saturdays but that's the same day as I love techno.
Unfortunatly for you, in Bruges there is not really a clubscene

Will also go to I love techno for the Minus gang and Underworld, but great chance this will be "volzet"
This is also my first time going to this, can't wait, heard its really well organised which always make for a better night out :)