clubbing help!


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Hey guys, first time going Ibiza with mates and i need some clubbing help. We are leaving on the 6th july and returning on the 13th. Gonna be staying in San Ant Bay.

Was wondering if you guys could help me out in finding out what are the best clubs to go to during the week. Looking to attend a foam party and a bunch of other random ones so if anyone has a idea then much appreciated.

Also if there are any special events going on during the week that might be worth checking out.

If you could help me plan the clubs that we should hit for the week would be awesome :D
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just check the party calender and see if anything tickles your fancy.

My fave clubs are amnesia, privilege and space.

try to keep out the san an clubs.
Yeh awesome just checked out the calendar, will be hitting some of them during the week but for a cheaper night out, what other clubs would you recommend?