Clubbed to death



Hi all,

Just watched the matrix again before reloaded comes out and i heard a track in there which is pretty good. anyway after searching through the credits and downloadong verious tracks i've found it.... its Called "clubbed to death" by Rob D. Absolute claasic track, good beat, melody with a touch of classical. Has any one else heard it and what do you think?
think it was re released last year. it seems to be used for adverts alot as i heard it for an ad for MTV dance ( a kind of mini mix with other tunes such as hey girl hey boy) ive been after the name of it for a long time now...thought it was quite strange i would find it from watching the matrix :p .
Old hat maybe, class it certainly is. i think it was first released in 1995!! it is one of those tunes which everyone says "that’s a good tune" but they don’t know the name of it hence why when the matrix came out, and the scene with the lady in the red dress which clubbed to death was played, the tune became quite popular as it is used a lot with adverts e.g. Audi, Caffrey's and MTV dance. When everyone see's Matrix reloaded, as everyone undoubtedly will, then you will hear some more of Rob Dougan music.

oh yeah only 10 weeks to go till Ibiza, nearly forgot :p
Agree a great tune -was re-released last autumn - picked up the double vinyl version - a true classic.

Especailly the Kurayamino Variation

Truly beautiful tune!