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How easy\difficult is it to get tickets for the opening parties on the island?

I'm there from 27th June and am particularly interested in the Garlands and Defected nights... :confused:

Also, someone kindly answered my first question on clothes and what to wear.. ok.. so comfy is in (excellent).. but how picky are the promoters??

Also, I gather there can be huge queues for some of the clubs (especially Space) what's the best advice for avoiding 'em...

Thanks guys and gals!

tickets for all nights are easy to come by on the island - best is from the bars who will give you best deals. don't be afraid to bargain, and double check the date/night on the ticket

queues for space and privilege are normally big, the other clubs seem to manage ok. especially with space be prepared for a long wait or go early and be prepared for a long (and pricey ;-) day.

search these forums for "best time to go to space" or similar