club question


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straight question for u all. what the best club and best dj/nite on the island between 28th june and 7th july?
personally i think pacha is the best club, but everyone has their favourites, some prefer Space!

it depends on the type of music you like and an wat dj's ya wanna hear!

look at the club listings for the week you are there, space on sundays is usally good, and amnesia and pacha have great linups during mon-thurs!
Ibiza-girlie said:
hmmm I like Amnesia, my favourite I think!

yep, cant wait to hear sven vath!

one of my must see dj's this year!
No contest as far as I'm concerned, all my mates are off to this one and I'm well jealous.

Paul Van Dyk AND Tiesto at Cream on Thursday 3rd, now from a trance perspective that is a line up to die for!
Yep, now if only PVD and Tiesto were playing as well as Oaky next week!!!

Although I believe they are all doing one night in august!

Happy that Tall Paul is playing at the opening though as it gives me an outside chance of getting guest listed (Wavester if you are reading this - turn on the charm son and sort it out PPLLLLEASSE!)