club prices!!



obviosly the first week of august will be busy and the clubs expensive, i have seen that my travel company offers a block of tickets for all the main nights supposidly cheaper than the it worth it or it is a lie? c u there 2nd august
What nights are the tickets for? I was offered similar deals last year but found that they were only for nights that would be half full if it wasn't for these bundle deals.

I'd say leave it and buy tickets over there. First week in Aug last year, the most I paid to get in anywhere was about 40 Euros, plus you can get discounts with fliers.
Personally I prefer to stay away from them deals the hol people do.

Usually I pick up discount books for amnesia when I arrive, problem is, u gotta be in the club before 1!

Most clubs are around 40euros but theres always promos like flyers which give u 10euros off at the door etc.
not good idea to pre buy tickets

cos if you have the, and don't go it's a waste of dosh.

if you have to club nights you want to go too and a better dj is playing you will end up paying double, as you have a ticket for one club but to go to the other club you will have to by another one.

best to free wing it see what producers and dj's are about the see what you want to do.
club prices

thanks for the info i think il lgo the flyer route as apposed to ending up in an empty club!!
aug 2nd-10th c u there