Club Pass



Hello all,
I am an ibiza virgin and like the majority of people do not have wads of cash to take with me, so am desperately trying to think of ways to be able to afford to do all the big nights..
I have heard rumours of a club pass which costs about £90 and gets you into top clubs free. None of the websites I have looked at mention this, so I can only assume this is a figment of someone's cruel imagination.
Has anyone heard of this, and if it exists, is it worth it?
Rachel :)
Hi there, I was an Ibiza Virgin last year & travelled with Thomson's Club Freestyle. My mate had told us about this deal to get into 4 clubs a bit cheaper, it sounded good so we went for it.

Bad move! :cry:

We got - Judgement Sunday @ Eden- V.good
Water Party @Es Paradis - V.shit
Manumission - a circus with beats (shite)
Cream @ Amnesia - V.Good though very busy.

Overall - didn't think it was worth it - no freedom to do what we wanted as we were tied to these nights!!
I like my Trance & hard trance. :D

However, last year my ears & my eyes opened to House & funky House - gonna spend more time grooving instead of banging ma head!! :eek: