Club Parasio 26th August!


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Anyone up for meeting around the quiet pool and getting out of san an for some of the holiday?

Done all of the clubs now so this year gonna see some of the island.

And i know it's controversial but i'll be giving space a miss this year and going to Deja Vu at es paradis for some old skool business!

My mate skipped space three years ago to go to strawberry sunday there and had a much better night than we did with Oakie!!

Givin' space a miss for es paradis????? what the f**k are you thinking man. But anyway everyone his choice, try to enjoy yourself but I think you really need to be totally drunk to fit in ;)
following on from my post, we'll probably go to space in the day for the terrace as it is undisputedly the best club in the world. BUT the evening in my opinion is just the same as every other club and if i'm honest i've had infinitely better times at el divino!

this'll be the 5th year so it's time to stop following crowds if you know what i mean!
Hey me and my mate r stayin Hotel Piscis Park in San An.

If u wanna meet up PM me ok

Emma x