Club Paraiso August 25th



Back to the white isle again for the 3rd year! Going on 25th August for 11 mad nights. Anyone else going the same time or staying at the Club Paraiso??? Get in touch


I head out 22nd August but staying at the Marian Apts which i dont think is too far from where you are. Maybe all hook up for a mad time. Cant wait.


hiya, im also going 25 august for 11 nights, but not stayin same place. where abts r ur apartments? im stayin in San Antonio Bay. Cant wait, only 4weeks to go!!! theres only two of us goin tho but hopefully will meet lots of ppl to go out clubbin wiv!!! :lol:
r u off wiv all ur mates then?

Hello browneyedgirl and malibu nice to see some people heading out at the same time.

The appartments we are staying at is down near the Sunset Strip, Cafe Del Mar, Mambo etc, which is ideal.

Malibu, If your going on the 25th for 11 nights aswell, I guess u must be flying from Bristol, seeing as your from Devon like us, we are going from Bristol, so will see ya in the departure lounge if you are lol.

i am going out on the 23rd august for 2 weeks - staying at the grand sol but have mates staying where you are so will no doubt be over all the time anyways.

will sort something out to meet up!
how did u get a flight from Bristol, we cud only go from Gatwick! :( :?:
what clubs and stuff r u plannin on goin 2 while ur there? iv neva been b4, considerin am only 17, so will all be new to me!
Browneyedgirl said:

I head out 22nd August but staying at the Marian Apts which i dont think is too far from where you are. Maybe all hook up for a mad time. Cant wait.


hi, im headin out on 22nd too, i also stayed at marian last year, the apts are basic, yet clean and the staff are friendly, its quite private around the pool area and that, and i think i would stay there again if i was goin to san antonio, the only thing is dont be plannin any parties in the early hrs after the clubs cause the night men dont take any shit!

they threatened to throw us out an all after the first night there!
Malibu, I booked it off a couple of weeks ago, there are still 11 night holidays left from Bristol staying at Club Paraiso. Could have gone from Exeter as they some flying from there aswell which would have been even closer, but the deals were more expensive.

Not made any plans as yet, just take it as it comes, went to most of the big nights last year, Manumission, Amnesia, Space etc, but the best night was Cream at Amnesia, so defo gonna do that one again. Think Paul Oakenfold and Tall Paul are playing on the 28th!!
mandy_d yea we stayed there last year too. probably seen eachother without realising. I know wot u mean tho thats the only downfall of the apts is the no partying thingy but we loved them and thats why we r goin back there again. So u arent staying there this year?

Looks like we will b on the same flite out. See u at the bar lol

So is that it? No one else gonna be there lol. Anyone actually stayed at the Club Paraiso before ?
25th Aug to 4th Sept = also staying at the Central City apartments!
Firewalk - we are in the same place at the same time - i think we have about 40 of our group all staying on the ground floor!
We're at Paraiso from the 7th of Sept onwards... anyone else there then?

We'll be going straight to Space on the Sunday, obviously!!
cant wait ! am sure Club Paradiso is near to Central City apartments as well