club don toni, playa den bossa. can any1 do me a big favour?




Is anyone staying in fiesta club don toni ( near space) or going to playa den bossa b4 the end of the holiday season this year?
I know it sounds mad but i want to give someone that works in the fiesta club don toni a msg and have no idea how to contact them.
would really be happy if someone could pass the msg on for me its something i felt i should have said b4 i left but didnt have the chance, now i will be gutted forever that i didnt say it as i will never see them again :(
i know its pathetic but its worth a try ;)

cheers for reading the msg anyways :D
Im going in 10 days and im staying in Jet, is it near by and is your message a nice message, if so ill happily help you out if I can. :D
if you want to double up on that to be sure, I shall be visiting pdb a few times from 20th September.