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I am leaving in a week for the island and need to know what to pack. From what I hear is not to bring nice clothes because everything will get trashed. Can anyone confirm this? I will be hitting all the big clubs and want to make sure I have the proper attire. Living in South Beach clothes are everything. Jeans, slacks, T-shirts:?: :?: :?: :?:
well you dont want to look like crap either. ANd to be honest you cant go into Pacha without looking real nice. Would you go to a Miami club looking like crap? Ofcourse not! Bring your nice clothes just not all of them and be smart about what you wear on particular nights. If your going to the Foam Parties than dont wear your most expensive stuff. T-shirts are ok during the day and such when your exploring the island but not in a club. Look nice your clothes wont get trashed if you take care.
:?: Are there any good places to purchase clothing there in Ibiza? I went to Skiathos, Greece a few years back and they had some killer clothing stores with very reasonable prices. Had I known, I wouldn't have packed as much and just bought a bunch of stuff while I was there. Would it make any sense to just buy a bunch of clothing there instead of packing it.
Your clothes won't get trashed unless you are at the foam parties. Dress whatever you feel comfortable with, but remember it is pretty hot over there.

Suprisingly enough, there is actually some really good shopping in Ibiza (especially in Ibiza town) and it is all nice and cheap.