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So after staying off the spotlight forums most of the summer and being determined to not have a trip to the white isle this year we're now booked up for the first weekend in October which covers several closing parties. And as per usual i'm asking you lovely folks for some info based on some of this years nights and previous years closing, this will be the first time for closing parties for us.

Anyway, likely gigs are Afterlife, their line ups are generally my cup of tea and having a look at previous years closing line ups they are generally very strong.
Dixon at Pacha.
Amnesia closing, am I correct in saying this gig is generally still going mid morning to midday? Vaguely remember from previous years party calendar the line up can be a bit weak for a closing?
Glitterbox closing, haven't been to a Glitterbox night and quite open to their music / line up. Other option might be Solomun at Pacha which we've been to several times so not hugely fussed if we pass on it this year.

If anyone can chip in with their tuppence worth on how they've found any of these gigs this year and if anyone has been to the Amnesia closing on previous years that would be ace :).

Also has anyone been to Flash at Pikes?