Closing session of discos in September...



Just came out from that wonderful reality which is Ibiza during summer... the best experience in my life till now!... So i wanted to came back for the closing session in september, u know what i mean, when all discos will close until next year. Someone told me there will be really nice parties full of people and very nice music... Does anyone could tell me more? Has anyone been at these parties yet?
thank u see u clubbin' all over Europe! ;)
the closing parties can be very wild. be aware though that people can be a bit jaded after a long summer and service in bars/restaruants etc can be a bit hardcore.

the parties can be very wild. very wild

Waht do you mean by the word "very wild"??? :?:
nothing bad - just a bit crazier than usual. all the summer workers are about to finish their season, so they have to go for broke one last time (at every closing party ;) )

plus you get an older more clubby crowd - more into partying than posing. the last 3 sundays in september on the terrace are legendary, and amnesia and privilege closing always well worth a visit, in fact most of them are ;)

id you are still here beginning of october, then pacha's closing party is worth a visit - FREE BAR (you just have to donate some money as a tip for the staff)

I see... but look does it's somenthing is to do? i mean to go at the closing parties of the discos? Cause i liked a lot Ibiza waylife and style and i'd prefer not to wait till next year to go there, but during summer i've to work! :cry:
the day after i returned for the first time from ibiza (june) i booked a return for that sept. do it my friend, it makes the summer go quick.

I need to find out some friends to go again there... it's not so easy, even if cause many of them or work or study in University... really hard but i hope ti find out cool friends to go there!!! It's too important for me!!! ;)
plus you get an older more clubby crowd - more into partying than posing

That sounds very good, never been to a closing, hope i have enough money to enjoy it this year especialy the space closing.
c u ;)

i found some friends who could come with me, but only the third week of september is it good time to go again ther? :?: :rolleyes:
It is actually a great week..
You get Cocoon @ Amneisa closing
Godskitchen closing
Cream closing
Sundays at Space closing..
I am going during September, from the 7th until the 21st!! I am so excited as I heard the opening and closing parties are the best times to visit!?! I am sure it will be as good as everyone says it will be! :lol:
Is there a big difference to these times than regular times in the summer??

And ull be catching a 12 hr set by Danny Tenaglia at Privilege.. Should be fantastic!
ziggy said:
And ull be catching a 12 hr set by Danny Tenaglia at Privilege.. Should be fantastic!

12 hours!!!!

My god. Not sure I'd be up for listening to 1 DJ for that long. With Digweed's 6 hour sets you could miss the first 3/4 hours out and just get there for the last couple.
Going in 3 weeks for my girlfriends 21st . . .

Just booked to go back from 20-28th Sept for the closing parties, can't wait !! :D