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Lisa Loco writes:

There’s an awful lot to do on Monday nights come Tuesday mornings club wise here so I don’t know why I didn’t just go straight to DC10 or something! There’s Roger Sanchez in Pacha, Circo Loco at DC10, Pin Up, Pure Urban at El Divino and Manumission at Privilege. Isabelle’s sister did cause some chaos, as electricity supply is fragile on the isle as too is the drinking water and sewerage/gas systems (it does smell a bit near Pacha). The island won’t be connected to mainline Spain’s electric and gas until 2011 so don’t expect the unexpected until then charge-wise! Apparently Manumission lost everything electrical for a while including lights and music but it didn’t stop the final showdown fun! The storm over for now, here’s how my Balearic week went on the isle…

Tuesday 23/09/03 Underwater Closing Party at Pacha


This little puppy was well hyped back in the UK so I had to try it - and I liked it! This was the roll and rock line up; Darren ’Fingers’ Emerson and Tim ’Ginger Beard’ Deluxe alongside Neil Anthony, Wally Lopez, Paul Jackson and Paul Woolford. These all went back-to-back (of a fashion) for eight hours with some very strange maneuvers, at one point there were five of them were in the booth... (See picture Q: ’How many Underwater DJ’s does it take to play a record? ...Sensible answers on a postcard please; and if you’ve got nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all...) Meanwhile there were funky breaks and hip-hop style sounds with ’Finger Lickin’ Records’ hosting Pacha’s sexy Global Room with the Tricka Technology Album Tour featuring Krafty Cuts & A-Skillz...

Arriving at midnight in order to experience the full Underwater excursion, I was greeted by a suitably decorated Pacha and the distinct sounds of the water djs - but a very quiet club. First up was a back-to-back session with Neil Anthony, Paul Jackson and Paul Woolford. The three amigos were playing three tracks each in a competitive dj crop rotation scheme. Warming up the big room, their selected records were aptly subtle including an old favorite Pete Heller’s ’Every Now And Then’ from Neil. The huge club surprisingly took until 3am to fill out, when the dance floor started to show signs of genuine life. This included an avant-garde display of dance floor dynamics by a revolution raising loco chic, who helped those more retiring clubbers find their own tentative dancing feet (sorry but in true diva style she would not be photographed!)

By around 4am the Underwater djs fluid, progressive music programming reflected the growing atmosphere with Yousef/ Steve Mac’s new cut called ‘Circus Parade’ dropped with a (Yos) remix difference by hip therapist Woolford, as well as some typical vocal, groove material which the Pacha clubbers loved. By 5am the floor was submerged with dancers of varying ability striking poses. (The dancing and podium prancing Chico of The Dopesmugglaz looked debonair, if a little warm having donned a full suit and tie (governor) as well as a large smile and an admiring crowd! (See picture)) Paul Jackson chose his moment well and laid down Sharam Jey’s uplifting Latin shaker, ‘Day After’, which went down, down, down...

The atmosphere that I feared would neither make it nor shake it earlier was now rolling and running wild with all nationalities appreciating the fine Underwater morning after! Someone played Jackson’s forthcoming Underwater release ’Rock and Roll’ and as I looked to the DJ booth, Underwater label head Darren could be seen putting on headphones... He dropped his first track of the closing party, a gritty rock guitar number on CD. He was soon joined by another figure Wally Lopez, who soon stunned us all with what must have been his own production, a chunky beat and bass heavy monster with beautiful Spanish guitar soaring high over the production. Darren and Wally compared notes as Underwater secret weapon, Tim Deluxe cued up a CD… A wilderness Tim was sporting a ginger beard and earplugs but it didn’t appear to interfere with his DJ aerials as he dropped some funky, cut up numbers.

Thankfully I didn’t have to hear ’It Just Won’t Do’, but I did hear a lot of Underwater gear showcased, naturally. Someone, Emerson I think, span Lopez’s ’Tribute To Acid House’ and the crowd just went nuts - the reaction is always lively to this one! Then Darren utilized a classic cut in its sparkling original form, New Order’s ’Blue Monday’; it didn’t seem to matter to anyone that it was now Wednesday morning! From around 7am the djs were going to spin back to back for as long as they could get away with carrying on for! But by around 6am I was done dancing, finished up frolicking and was ready for bed and a pathetic pass out. A top-drawer display of the Underwater agenda ensured Pacha’s clubbers only left partied out not pissed off. The club may have taken some time to fill out but Underwater had respectfully reaffirmed their unique position in the world house grand prix....

Here’s the freshest Underwater news, as we know it!

Darren Emerson

He rocked the 2003 Ibiza season hard with Underwater starring at Pacha weekly except for the week he didn’t show because he broke his toe... The night won ’Best Ibiza House Night’ in Mixmag and so Darren is taking a little break from DJ’ing to finish off his artist album but you can still catch him at The End (London UK) on the last Saturday of every month. On 25/10 Darren will be playing alongside label mates Wally Lopez and Sharam Jey who will both be debuting at The End for Underwater. On 03/11 there will be an ‘Underworld Best Of’ album released, entitled ’Anthology’. The album will be a 16-track compilation of all of Underworld’s best bits. Darren left Underworld in 2000 to form Underwater.

Paul Jackson:

After the critical acclaim received for ’The Push’, which gained house fans from Tong to Lemacq and reached out to the Leftfield and Asian community, Jackson is following it up with another epic monster. ’Rock and Roll’ has been huge at Pacha, Ibiza this year and has gained a following from Timo Maas, Pete Tong, Ashley Beedle, Danny Rampling and Tom Stephan. It’s out on 20/10. Also next year expect a vocal version of ’The Push’ courtesy of Steve Smith from Dirty Vegas

Paul Woolford

Woolford recently dropped his latest Underwater release through his Hip Therapist moniker, ’Body Language’ which debuted at 9 in the DJ Magazine hype chart. He’s also produced a new Bobby Peru single for 2020 Vision ‘Jack 2 The Future’, which is doing the rounds now and has gained props from Tong, Craig Richards, Damian Lazarus (who licensed it to his next City Rockers compilation), Mr G and Elliot Eastwick. The single features a sample of Marshall Jefferson’s classic house track ’Move Your Body’. Plus, new on Hip Therapist Music (Woolford’s label) is a double a side; side A is by Slater Hogan and John Larner: ’Caught Out’ is a fierce and funky R&B style house track supported by Sneak, Yousef, Derrick Carter, Lottie and Nic Fanciulli, and on the flip David Duriez takes the first Hip Therapist track ‘Hustle and Survive’ and turns out a solid sub-bass charged dance floor bomb. You have been warned!

Sharam Jey

After his debut Underwater release in August with his rump-moving ’Shake Your...’ Sharam Jey is back with an eerie synthesiser-spliced track complete with rolling tribal drums coasting on a (huge) dark space age groove - ’Rox City’ has been massive for Emerson and the crowds at Pacha, Ibiza and will definitely go down here too. The perfect follow-up is out 17/11 but catch Sharam live for his UK debut DJ’ing gig for Underwater on 25/10, alongside Emerson and Wally Lopez

’Tribute To Acid House’ recently dropped on Underwater and what a fine tribute it was. Wally’s new track ’Santacana’, released on his own label La Factoria gained Essential New Tune status on 19/09. But not one to sit still, Wally remixed one of Ibiza’s summer massive anthems - David Guetta’s ’A Little More Love’ (Virgin) - this also gained Essential New Tune status and was huge for Steve Lawler on the Space Terrace as well as many other djs on the island this summer. Plus Wally recently remixed Camel Riders ’Twisted’ on Subliminal (one for the DC10 massive!) and he’s in the studio remixing ’Da Flava’ by The Monkz, also coming out on his own label. There’s Wally remixes in the pipeline for Underwater and Azuli, plus he’s recently put out a compilation on his label entitled ’I’m coming to London’. Djing wise, expect to see more of Wally on the Underwater Tour calendar including Underwater at The End and for the Amsterdam Dance Event with Underwater in 31/10 – 02/11.

Underwater General:

Underwater is starting a new series of cute CD releases to go with every vinyl release. Each CD will be exactly the same as the vinyl package (even down to the colour of the CD and the grooves), just smaller to make it the ultimate DJ accessory. Paul Jackson’s ’Rock and Roll’ - released 20/10, will be the first to have this format

Wednesday 24/09/03 Subliminal Closing Party at Pacha



Ibiza’s Wednesday at Pacha, hosted by NYC’s Subliminal is probably one of the most popular nights on the island with clubbers. Ironically the US label collective Subliminal is no longer ‘subconscious’ or ‘hidden’, but is one of the largest house monoliths around! For the closing party, and with three Pioneer C-DJs and two turntables, Erick Morillo was joined by talented DJ newcomer Sarah Main and US label cohorts Who Da Funk and Harry Romero with live PAs from the Audio Bullys and Terra Deva, while Andy B, Beatmaster, Seb Chew, Leo, Greenslade and Neneh Cherry all took over the Global Room with funky breaks and hip hop.

The club was already busy and the dance floor heaving... Her warm up slot (from 12am - 1am) complete, the Australian femme Sarah stepped aside for duo djs Who Da Funk, who played a little obvious for my liking until 2.30am. Junior Jack’s ubiquitous ‘E Samba’ and Lee-Cabrera’s ‘Shake It’ pleased the ‘up for it’ packed out crowd, I guess the US crew knew it would work the floor to come over all Latin on our ass... but it didn’t float my boat speaking personally! Another aspect of the Subliminal soiree that seemed to (unfortunately) dominate proceedings was the use of the classic preacher style accapella! For example, “Let me tell you something!”, “Listen, I wanna tell ya children!”, “It’s all about house music!” and of course Martin Luther’s dreamy speech were all used so we knew the Americans were certainly in ‘da house’. It was CD’s all the way until Harry ’Choo Choo’ Romero (2.30am - 4.00am) who was perhaps more innovative and creative, span one or two records.

I guess this is just the new CD breed taking hold, but sometimes the CD-DJ comes over a little too cold and clinical... (But maybe I’m a troglodyte?) ‘Professional Widow’ was played again to the crowd’s delight and then it was time for label head honcho Erick to play; he tended to keep to CDs too, albeit three of them together! Morillo played ‘Work’ (by MAW) as his opening track… Putting his back into it he dropped disco and chunky cut up funk, elbows waving wildly and head thrown back in musical ecstasy, he later proceeded with an Audio Bullys interval. The Bullys’ f*** off leery London street sound didn’t go down that well with the pulsating Pacha clubbers, who were kind of hooked on beats by that time! The Bully’s MC’d two or three tracks before diva Terra was introduced by Erick. His repartee and crowd rapport is unsurpassed and so Morillo teased us... “Terra, hang on! I don’t think Pacha’s ready for you... Pacha, are you ready? (Huge cheers were the response!) Hey I think they’re getting ready...” The talented Terra then cracked opened her finest can of whoop ass as she sang over Erick’s dj accompaniment ’Sting Me Red’ and ’I Feel Much Better’... The brave and beautiful lady with bigger bollocks than most men gave me huge goose bumps as she belted it out to Pacha! It was a classic moment the crowd loved her and was rapturous in its response.

Morillo then continued with Wally Lopez’ mix of David Guetta’s ’Just a little More Love’ which was played just at the right time. Wally ran down the steps to the dj booth to thank Erick and Morillo made a return bow to the Lopez one, who produced this high-grade big hitter of the 2003 Ibiza season. Erick was now in his element, he mixed the track into his new Subliminal production ’Twisted’ (It might even have been Wally’s new remix?) ’I Go Back’ by Sir Robert of Owens was then played juxtaposing old and new house music with the French Kiss-esque remix of Josh Wink’s ’Don’t Laugh’ getting some air too – Phew!


Taking a quick breather outside up on the Terrace (Pacha roof) there were fire-eaters and UK promoters Dave Vincent (Tribal Gathering) Dave Beer (Back to Basics) performing similar tricks. Beer made everyone feel better with his talk of an UK electricity power cut one New Year, and how it was still the best year he’s had in his club.... and of how “Pacha is the best club in the world!” Pacha is indeed a gigantic successful and globally branded nightclub; the sound system is spot on, the layout superb and the Ibiza crowd cute and cosmopolitan. Together with Subliminal, who put on great parties too (even if they’re a trite commercial), Pacha and Subliminal make a productive paring – The job is a good one!

Thursday 25/09/03

Night off! Despite the fact Ministry of Sound was closing at Pacha & Salvacion was closing at El Divino… I am officially old!

Friday 26/09/03 ‘Pure Pacha’ Closing Party at Pacha

Following the El Hotel DJ Awards ceremony Friday night continued at Pacha and was a breathtaking success. Angel Linde (Pacha resident), Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish (GU Tour), Behrouz and many others joined Pete Tong for this end of summer term victory dance and to celebrate in fine style Pacha’s 30th Anniversary.

The queue outside Pacha was growing quickly to indicate the night’s popularity already at midnight, the discerning crowd of international types anticipated a great show and that’s just what they got! DJ Scream and Andy B played in the Global Room, a beautiful blend of chill out hip-hop and rare grooves whilst Behrouz warmed up the big room playing his intelligent trademark blend of progressive tech house to an already packed Pacha. Danny T came on at just after 1am, (after Behrouz) and span stark tribal percussive beats and an instrumental Ibiza anthem before launching into a few darker sexy tracks with soaring emotive female vocals...

Then Danny’s unusually short slot embraced some real deep house complete with diva vocal, before going all dirty NYC style, gritty and rough! Hard and dark for the early hour but it’s all delightfully Danny! After the DT hour Deep Dish came on to spin at around 2.30am, introduced by Danny as winners of the El Hotel DJ Award design for ‘Best Set Of The Season’. The epic duo continued with the logical progression of tribal tinged tracks set previously. Their classic and timeless ‘Hideaway’ chord elements were heard intermittently as samples – CD DJ effects echoed! Then a drastically different and dirty accapella of Junior Jack’s ‘E Samba’ was laid over some dramatically tough beats, making the commercial more innovative.

The Deep ones had totally encapsulated the Pacha crowd with their musical magic and then played the eighties Bronski Beat classic ’Smalltown Boy’, which has a great bass line and guitar a la New Order, a very, very nice instrumental production/edit! Grandiose even when served with cheese, Deep Dish still cut through their competitors and imitators and remain pure gold!


It must have been about 5am when Pete Tong finished up the anniversary celebrations with the all essential Pacha track for summer 2003, Wally Lopez’ remix of David Guetta’s track ’A Little More Love’. Pete played quite tribal and tough (in contrast to what you may expect) but my legs were a mess and feet blistered so I departed. The after hours was Space (as usual) for ’Matinee’… I saw none of it however!

03 Def Mix Closing Party at Pacha


D’ Ambrosio and Webster took on the main room with uplifting soulful stuff whilst Satoshi Tomiie & Hector Romero (SAW Recordings) looked after the back bit! Pacha was a little quieter than expected for such a classic event, but with the Space closing on Sunday and Pure Pacha the night before you can kind of understand why! The main room crowd adored the funky US material and many clubbers even told me the night had re-affirmed their faith in house music and clubbing in general! However personally I preferred the darker vibes of the back room with the SAW guys, Satoshi and Hector who both span remarkably! Hector Romero played first deep and divine followed by an influx of Italian guys to the Global Room at around 3am to confirm when Satoshi started his sexy set… Tomiie and Romero were promoting their official ‘Undualtion 1’ CD and unofficial ‘Undulation 0’ CD, which was an exclusive Ibiza promotional CD mixed by the duo. Danny Tenaglia turned up to support the Def Mix night, as did hundreds of other industry heads! Quite a do by any standards - but beyond tired I had to leave at around 6am - Space was calling

Sunday 28/09/03 Closing Party at Space




(Here we fast forward 24 action-packed hours, and Lisa arrives at DC10 with her suitcase - respec’!)

Monday 29/09/03 ‘Circo Loco’ Closing Party at DC10


Walking into DC10, on the very edge of sanity (near to the airport runway) at 10am Monday morning, I realized that it doesn’t get more hardcore than this! The wild child was born back in 1999 to creative Italians Antonio and Andrea. DJ Cirillo and promoter Charlie Chester later joined this caring couple in 2000 to complete the Circo Loco team.

Word of mouth has been the marketing technique employed to raise the club up to its legendary (la-la land) status. Upon entry I was quickly surrounded by some (ultra friendly) unique freaks and the scary Monday madness ensued with resident djs Rene, Fabrizio, Cirillo, Tania Vulcano and Jo Mills, plus many famous guests probably playing without their manager’s approval and for very little financial gain! The reputation of this underground club is so high now that djs often fight to play here and it’s not about the dirty cash, it’s about dirty feet and beats! After Space closes the mentalists come here in their droves and I can understand why; a modest 25 Euros gets you inside and a free drink but also in the cutting edge company of the truly crazed and internationally debauched!

The music here is most akin to my own taste (twisted tricky disco) and the clubbers won’t take any commercial crap! Resident Circo Loco dj Jo Mills says she actually finds playing the terrace of DC10 a daunting experience, as the crowd is educated and will quickly boo off music they don’t feel!


Inside DC10 the interior is dark as pitch with twisted house resonating through everything, reminding me of an old acid house rave (complete with luminous plastic cups!) When I arrived it was DJ Rene in the mix playing a deep and dishy blend of Morel and other progressive gems. Later it didn’t seem to matter any more who was playing the music, but only that it was moving the Italians, French, Spanish and Brits alike. The inside gets animalistic and wild in the darkness but outside DC10 there’s the bright light of the terrace at the rear of the club, which opens early afternoon to allow all those wild eyes to hide behind sunglasses as hedonistic hands fly high in the air.

I’m fairly sure it was Fabrizio playing the terrific twisted tech house muzak, opening up nicely for another revered resident Jo Mills. Jo (known to get nervous) had a couple of dicey mixes but knew ‘Music Is The Answer’ as she dropped Danny’s classic and the loyal crowd stayed with her dancing, even as it stormed for a while!


It’s easy to loose yourself (and sensibilities) out on the Terrace, never mind inside the ‘dark place’, but one thing is clear regardless of blurred Balearic visions… The non-corporate Circo Loco twists the clubbing rulebook as well as our minds! They’re successful because the party is about the crowd not the ego of the DJ performing. They don’t prostitute big names to get numbers spending instead the strong DC10 residents are the backbone of this vivacious party animal. As Circo Loco say it’s all about “reviving the original spirit of carefree partying in the open air... Viva acid house!”

I had to leave unfortunately at midnight with suitcase (but without faculties) to catch a plane… it was the end of the line for me… but ‘Long live the Loco ones!’

In Summery…

My afterthoughts of my Ibiza week are comforting back here in the UK’s unforgiving cold. There’s still lots of shiny happy people out there oblivious to club politics! The door taxes are still high (averaging fifty euros) and inside the drinks go from a comical eight euros for water to fifteen for a spirit and mixer (albeit a triple in UK measures!) But as long as DC10 lets in lunacy for 25 euros there will always be a place to dance!
i really like the woman in the last photo
she is in every party !!
any clue about who she is ?
Like I said in another thread, I saw yhe teddy girl at Space closing. Quite a looker actuallly :) 8) :D , Looked like Liz Hurley, but had a funny squeaky Northern voicce!!!

She was carrying around a teddy called "Beara Beara" all day.

Crazy crazy kids!