Closing parties



ent to Ibiza last year but I want to go for the closing parties.
What do the clubs/promters do to make the closing parties different apart from charge more to get in?

Is it harderto get tickets for closing parties than it was for ordinary nights?
There's no massive difference, you are likely to get the biggest names at Closings and the atmosphere is better imo.

It's no more difficult to get tickets. September is still busy but not stupidly rammed as in peak-season. September isn't normally the most expensive time, August is, and September has similar prices to June, about 5 euros cheaper for a ticket than in August.

There's just a fab atmosphere at closings cos everyone is partying twice as hard cos everyone knows that's it for another 9 months :rolleyes: :cry:
imho @ clozzies much more mature clubberz...and after 20-24 Sept evererythng fadin' out (2-3 gutt nites for a week)
The atmosphere in the clubs is electric. Everyone is gearing up to party 'one last time'.