Closing Parties


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Last year I went over and only took in Closing Parties, they were all awesome, are the other nights as good, or will closing nights always be the best?
I find Openings as good as Closings, but whenever you go you will always get good line-ups.

I just prefer Openings and Closings cos you know all the Daddy's of Dance Music are going to be out in force for these and the clubs are a little bit less rammed and more full of people going solely for the clubbing :D
Certainly was cool last year at the closing parties. PVD Ruled with Tiesto @ Amnesia.

We saw a lot of good dj's, just abit of a pity we were so knackered by the end of the week, the ProPlus stopped working properly!
Hey, guys!
Can anyone advised me? I don't know if going from 12th-17th September or waiting till 26th-1st October. I can just go for one week, and I would like to be there when the Closings are but I think I will miss Amnesia and El Divino. What do you recommend me??
Ooops! :oops: Sorry! I meant "Can anyone ADVISE me?" Sometimes I can't think properly when writting in English......
i actually was quite bored in sept. at judgement sunday closing party...the same old gig and nothing new...too many glowsticks and stuff...but thats just that place. I dont like eden that much...

Anyway, can imagine that closing party at amnesia´s venues must be excellent!
Thanks a lot, Ibiza-girlie and pie!!!!
I will try to go then the second week of September and make the most of it!!
Catch the closings of the likes of Subliminal, We Love Sundays, Ministry etc all w/c 22nd Sept, best line-ups of the season imo :D
The closing parties are fab as everyone knows this is there last chance to party for the season and the djs are really up for it too.

Plus you get less beer-boys and hardly any screaming kids as the schools are back.
I have been to closing parties twice now and both times have been good
the problem is that most close over a period of 3 weeks or so. check the calender so you go on the correct dates.