Closing Parties



We're coming out on the 18th Sept. for the closing parties, if they're anything like the opening parties 2002, it's going to be sweet 8) . Can anyone recommend a loose itinery? For example, We don't know whether to do Sundays@Space closing party or Manumission carry-on party. Cheers.
Thanks Jonny, but I was trying to find which one (bearing in mind the end of summer budget) was better to go to given the choice...
Im going back out 4 the closing parties also on the 18th!...Im not missing Cream closing at all!! Tiesto and Van Dyk...Tiesto in particular this year blew me away wicked!
I just hope its god out there that time of year..?!
ditto. We were out at the start for Es Paradis, Eden, Privelege & Amnesia openers, the moneys all gone now though so we need to choose wisely... There was a distinct lack of people on the island at the beginning, it started hotting up though as we left.
im back out on 21st sep. plan to go to sunday@space closing and dc10 and thats about it. last year space on that sunday was rammed to jam but really good. never been to dc10 so am taking the chance.

thats what im doing anyway.