Closing Parties



I have only been to Ibiza the last 2 years, but always had the urge to go to the closing parties :p and this will probably be my last visit in a while :( as I'll be going travelling.

With mates all getting married or travelling I'm on my own this year...(ahhhh). :cry:

I live in Edinburgh and wondered if anyone wants to share or has room for one around 18th-25th September... I haven't booked flights as yet, so am waiting on response from forum.

Please email directly anytime......
Nice to see another person from Edinburgh! (although I now live in Glasgow).

Hope you manage to get yourself sorted, you could always stay in one of the hostels, I suppose. There are meant to be some ok ones in Ibiza Town.
I went a few years ago with a mate for a week, the only time I have just gone for a week. It was not long enough so when I came back I went back again on my own for a week three weeks later.

Met some nice people and especially a couple of nice girls, went clubbing all week and got drunk during the day with my new friends! Stayed in a hostel in the West End. (very cheap!)

If you dont find anyone, go it alone! You will have no regrets!
Hi Kittens Head, Hi Dirk,

I remember you two from last years forum....
I was the "Scotsman living in Dublin" last year, but now I've moved back home.

Had a fantastic time in Ibiza last year with my brother, but he's not that much into clubbing so we only went to Euphoria, Manumission and Cream. Still hired a moped for the week and travelled round beaches all over the island - brilliant.

Are either of you going this year?

I'm not bothered about going on my own at all, I'm just finding it difficult with the single supplement...some companies just don't do it... The Escapades or 18-30 (even though I'm 34) are always the cheapest, but some don't cater for people on their own..

Any suggestions - email is