Closing Parties @ Eivissa !!



From 20th -23rd September we'll be on Eivissa - to rock a few "closings"!!

Folks, which "Closing" shall we choose on Saturday, Amnesia or Hed Kandi @ EL Divino? And why ;-)?

On Sunday, of course @space...

And monday, if we still in party - mood, what would you recommend, except DC10?

I'm looking forward reading some feedbacks from Eivissa !!

Greets & CU
Its about your choice of music:
HK is Funky vocal house :D & Amnesia, Im not to sure about, probably something hard :confused:
But HK is were Ill be at ;)
I will be hopefully be going to both. HK will probably finish around 7ish then i'm off to Amnesia as there closing parties don't usually finish until well into the afternoon
The amnesia closing party is notorious for not fininshing till luchtime. ive been a coupla times but always have left by morning.

the music isnt' that hard but it is loud ;)
last year we heard pretty much all the big tunes of the summer and liked it.

I did find it probably the most 'clicky' of all the closing parties, not terribly friendly. leaving at dawn, folks were still streaming in.

going to hed kandi then onto amnesia then onto space sounds like a good plan :eek: