Closing parties advice needed


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I´m thinking of going for some of the closing parties, but it´s so hard to decide which ones, so I would be glad for some help.

I like when the clubs are busy but not when they gets to overcrowded, I went to Cocoon 3/8 and after 2 Am it was horrible. Are Cocoon closing and Amnesia closing gonna be the same, what do you people think? And what about Monza closing?
The line up looks great, but if anybody has been in the recent years, please tell me how it use to be.

And then we got Space, opposite to many others here I really like Space, but I went to the opening this year and I think it also got to overcrowded. Is´t gonna be the same for the closing? I read some reviews from last year and it sounded like the closing was a bit calmer then the opening, am I right?

Would be grateful for any advice :).
I'm the same...i just can't handle over crowded clubs. going to Space closing this year and taking a chance as i figure even i get fed up and leave really early, the chance to dance out in the sun all day will be worth it...i'm just lowering my expectations a bit.

Tiesto closing last year wasnt over crowded but it was crap so i wouldnt recommend it ha ha
i went to the space opening party which was far too busy last year compared to the closing. we had to queue for 3 hours for opening and 20 mins maximum for closing

cocoon closing party last year was also a lot less busier than when i went in august