Closing Parties 2009 and Ibiza Rocks Featival


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New poster on here people, i havent been to Ibiza for 2 yrs now im just wanting to book dates off work for closing parites and the Ibiza Rocks gig.

Does anyone know when dates for the main closing parties are roughly released. Also i went to Ibiza Rocks a few years ago does this folow same format ( there was a 3 day closing festival at bar M) or is it different now?

Get back to me people, also if you have any adivce on which week in the last two weeks of sept is normally best, your comments would be good.

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Was gonna book last 2 week in sept off might now book middle 2 weeks (but its a wait and see thing o suppose).

Anyone else got any advice on which weeks of closing parties in Sept are normally best to go for

Get back to us

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