Close call for Boris

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London Mayor Boris Johnson had a lucky escape when a lorry smashed into a parked car while he was on a cycling "fact-finding" mission.


A CCTV camera captured the moment the Daf lorry's rear doors flew open as it crossed a speed hump and hit a parked Ford Mondeo in Limehouse, east London.
The Mondeo was dragged along the road and scraped another car.
Mr Johnson and a group of transport officials missed the collision by just a few feet.
He is seen in the video holding his cycling helmet in one hand while inspecting the damage.
He said the crash reinforced the case for more cycle lanes in the capital.
Metropolitan Police officers interviewed the lorry driver under caution.
He has been reported for driving without due care and attention and keeping a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Speaking at the launch of a £115m "cycle revolution" for London, Mr Johnson said the other cyclists met the incident with "remarkable sang-froid".
"I did vaguely notice a rather loud crash and there was a bit of debris caused by the car catapulting through the party," he said.
"It was obvious from the noise that something had gone wrong, and when I stopped and turned I could see the debris. Thankfully, no one took a scratch."
One official added: "It's a miracle none of us was hurt. Any one of us could have been killed. I just stopped and thought 'Phew, I'm still here'."
A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: "The Daf driver had passed his details to a group of cyclists who had been in the road, and after clearing debris from the road he drove away.
"Officers made inquiries with his employers, and at our request he attended an east London police station."

CCTV Video: