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Am trying to get my hands on Sasha & Digweed - Renaissance "mix collection" at the mo, but as you may or may not know it's a very rare cd to come across. Was just wondering has anyone on this site got an original copy and if so how much did ya pay for it? looks like at the mo i might have to sell an arm and possibly a leg to get a hold of it. cheers :D
Wicked album! Got mine when it first came out :p
You can usually pick it up on ebay for around £50
Hi spotty dog
we spoke briefly in Pach at Pacha pure opening we spoke for a while and then realised that we both chatted on this website
how was the rest of the hol.

go for it !!! love the presentation too :)

the second one by digweed solo is pure genius as well

and the first northern exposure is even better (ok... as good ;-)

those two have released without a doubt the best mix albums of our time
Hey there dfunky, how the hell are ya? yeah the rest of my hols was absolutely amazin as to be expected. still have to write a review on here of it but havn't had the chance. since ive been back to work ive just been snowed under. read your review by the way. sounds like you had an amazin time. sorry to hear bout the boobs by the way. Of all places it had to happen......awell guess these things happen.
Cheers for the sound advice there james. don't you worry i plan on keepin the bidding going until its mine. funny you should mention northern exposure 1, gettin a copy sent to me in the post tomorrow. really am addicted to buying cd's, not good for the old bank balance but hey its such good fun!!! ;) :lol:
I mailed hard to find records:

But an orginal copy of that compilation is hard to come by, they've stopped making copies. I had to copy it from someone who had the original. :(

Another example of club brands who started off with great compilations & then as the years went on they became bunk! (cream, MOS, gatecrasher & renaissance)

Petty! :(
Jam Man said:
I've got it on vinyl. Is that what you're after?

Na mate am looking for it on cd. hopefully will be able to get it on ebay. yeah lostinspace i tried "hard to find records" aswell but they dinny have it either. just makes me more determined. ;)