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'Quality is very good'. No t shirt is worth 70 euros (nor does it cost that to make), they are selling this purely on the brand and have the temerity to say 'no soul for sale'. They need to stop mugging people off. One day people will grow up and 'not believe the hype'.
Yes I understand. I just wanted to tell you the quality is good. You made a topic saying 'Fruit of the Loom', that's not the quality they use. You can still buy the cheaper tees @ Ibiza Town ;)

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who is the italian bouncer looking dude who is in charge of (and in most of) the circoloco instagram? where did Andrea go ??

Ian K

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Ah right ok, thanks, i initially thought that the head of security had taken over their instagram for a bit !


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I keep getting emails from Circoloco selling merchandise.

How they can Redtube Beeg Spankbang possibly use the tag line 'no soul for sale' when they are selling £5 fruit of the loom tees for 70 euros?!

There's even a scarf on there for 120!

I paid a fruit of them tshirt with 60's rock band name for 10€ at a rockabilly gig a few years ago
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Introducing CircoLoco Records, a brand-new record label forged in partnership with Rockstar Games, the most iconic and visionary video game creators.

First EP coming June 4th —

‘No Soul for Sale’🙄