circoloco closing party



well ... the new floor in the garden with open air was great , but i
have to say that the organization of the party was terrible ...
they didnt put a cord for the people to enter the club in order ,
and there was a line of about 1 hour with hundreds of people
pushing eachothers , horrible .
the entry was 30 euro (the other days 25)
and there was no control of how many people were inside of the club ,
so it was impossible to move .
the lights went completly out at 00:00 for a quarter hour , i imagine
that the organization did it for some people to go home and
be able to have some more money with more people paying the entry
blimey, didn't realise the q's got that bad...i deliberately arrived pretty early and it was brilliant inside..tania vulkano on the terrace just gets better and better, that girl has taste, and behrouz and various others were revelations and then it got tuffer as time slipped by just as it should do..i was dancing on the terrace and suddenly realised the short geezer dancing his ass off next to me was Tenaglia - who as far as I know did not spin on the day. met loads of friends and generally had a blast

they moved the Space PA into the new terrace area if you were wondering why it sounded so superbly monstrous and I really never felt it got really horribly busy as could always get around

the power went off because the Old Bill rolled up and put it about a bit..there was a wicked after party @ St Rafael which sadly they also stopped and this time never let start again

a shame to finish the season on that note, but musically one of my favourites for years..not the big tunes but the refreshing lack of easy listening bollicks - you know that Hed Kandi stuff

oops, sorry did it again....mind you love that Archingram (think thats the name) track called Carnaval (think thats the track) or something. heard it in odd situations (anyone @ Amnesia closing?) and oddly it was this years tune that brings a lump to the throat

danny tenaglia was djing in the terrace at 00:00 or so , and he
jumped to the crowd when he finished , i liked it ;)
cannot believe i missed that , must have been next door !!! wish I hadn't asked..........