Circo Loco new monthly residency in Dubai!!!


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A new daytime/night Circo Loco residency @ Layali Beach in Dubai. It was quite a surprise to all of us living in Dubai who experienced CL @ DC10. The surprise is mainly due to the extreme miss-fit between Circo Loco's strict underground music policy which we love and Dubai's uber commercial scene which is killing us

Exciting news indeed but we're going to check it out. We'll be also going on the boat after party. Not holding out breath as we have strong memories of DC10 in its original home...but I will surely give you a review on Saturday...
omg - the end of the world has finally come:
"...prestige clubbing ... circoloco ... dubai ..."

next thing will be that underground opens a nightclub in the burj al arab :lol:
Quite ironic i have to agree...the organizer assured me that it will be genuinely Circo Loco...but no matter what assurances...the Dubai scene is just not right for this.

Let's see...should be interesting