Cinemas That Serve Booze (and Food)!


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Watched Benjamin Button at The Electric in Notting Hill on Saturday afternoon. Don't think I'll be going to 'normal' flicks anymore. Is there any others in London like this? The Everyman in Hampstead which is not to far from Buckley Towers apparently. Any more anyone?
i'd really like to go to a drive in cinema

(keep calling it a drive thru cinema, which would be kind of short and pointless when you think about it)
As a result of booze availability & big leather chairs, I've never seen the end of a film in The Electric .. zzzz

The Gate Cinema (art house gaff in Notting H) also has a bar.

I once went to a drive-in cinema in Zimbabwe of all places.
Oh me too!!!

in a big old 50's car a la Happy Days - what would be ace... :lol:

I seem to recall being taken to one as a nipper on a caravan holiday when we stopped off in Southport. Not quite the same. I wanted to go to one the last time I was in America but we never got round to it.