Cinemas in Ibiza



Is there any ones with English versions of movies playing? Want to catch The Matrix Reloaded while I'm out there??
When I was out in Kavos, nearly all the bars had pirated copies of the latest films, the matrix will be high on the list so I'd it to be around, I'd assume Ibiza would be the same! Not as good as the cinema but u can't beat sitting down in a bar with a beer watching a film for free ;)
the multicines on ibiza's inner ring road show films in vo (version original)but only on certain nights - look in el diario de ibiza for listings.
in majorca last year there was a hughe cinema/karaoke bar and that had a huge screen and you didnt have to pay to watch and the drinks was reasonabley cheap. but i never went because i can watch films at home and i like to make the most of my holidays
you gotta be pretty sad if you want to go on holiday and go to the cinema.

still whatever floats your boat.
A lot of the bars in the west end will have pirate copies of films a couple of days after their release, so keep an eye out for posters/signs etc. Only problem is most of them are ripped from DVD to either VCD or VHS and the quality can suffer sometimes.

Im out there for the whole summer actually, and want to catch the movie I've been waiting ages to see. Don't think thats sad.
I'm with you, Addy... I'm goin out for the summer and want to see Tomb Raider 2 when it comes just wont be the same watchin it at home on dvd when i get back.

It's not a bad way to spend an afternoon off recovering when you've been on a 2/3 day session at space/dc 10/pin up/carry on/bora bora or whatever.... it's better than lying in bed all day (which i did far too much of last year!!) :rolleyes:
addy2hotty said:
Is there any ones with English versions of movies playing? Want to catch The Matrix Reloaded while I'm out there??

I can't believe you wanna catch a movie while you're in'll soon see you're gonna change your mind....:)
have fun

When you're out there for the whole summer doing something simple like watching a video is real luxury! If you're lucky enough to get a place with a TV and video then you can buy pirate videos off the same guy who supplies the bars. Last year he used to have a small advert in The Ibiza Sun (a small, photocopied weekly newsletter in English). Videos were 15 euros and he'd normally have them ready within a day.

if your out there working for the whole summer, surely you won't have time and most people wouldn't want to spend what very little money they get on going to a cinema.

i'm still not convinced, sorry.
Cinemas are the work of the :twisted: Why else have a place where you have to sit for 2 hours and not speak, smoke or drink :rolleyes:
Believe me..if you spend 3-4 months in ibiza..the chance to sit in the dark for 2 hrs without talking, smoking or drinking would be a nice break!! And who says you cant drink?!
You're right about the money tho..i'd prob rather spend my last euros on essentials like voddy, cigs and the bus fayre to bora bora!!
Anyone with a dvd player in their apartment better be inviting me round then!!
Probably the one thing you miss the most when working abroad is the cinema especially if you anjoy watching a good film
When you are working over there you just can't go out every night to a bar and club otherwise you would be very ill by the end of the season.
Doing something like the cinema makes a pleasent change, unless you watch something really crap like Tomb Raider lol.
I'd say that it would be more sad to want to watch telly but i'd say the same about people in the uk
theres probably about 4 or 5 things a week that i watch. most of telly is crap unless there is a good film on
i like films, and books.
Mate believe me - ur best off watching it in the cinema here- Ive just pre-ordered my tickets for tonights showing ;)

I was looking for this on the net for the last 3 months- there IS NO SCREENER availalbe- Only a cam job is available- its in 3 parts- apparently the quality is ok- i can giv u the sig to dat link if u want it.

Not sure bout any cinemas in ibiza -would u want to spend a day in a dark theatre when the sunshines out?

Id advise goin to one of the Many bars that show decent copys of the movie, that way u can eat and drink and watch the film in the sun! :)
I don't see anything wrong or sad at all about wanting to go to the cinema in ibiza, especially if you're there for the whole summer... you need a bit of normality about your life. So wind yer necks in!!! :p