“CHUPITOS de Formentera” CD No 3 just released !



„Los Chupitos in the eyes of VENUS“
thats the title of the 3. just released CD by german producer „Trep-X“, from his series: „Chupitos de Formentera“.
After his 1., a rather „TripHop/Ambient“-CD and the 2. „La Bonanza acelerando“, that describes his view of the change Formenteras from an quiet, virgin island into the faster proceeding Tourism-reality, “VENUS” contains again songs, which are dedicated to certain places and situations of the island.
For example: „A la Fonda Pepe“, the island Hot Spot and meeting point, that this year celebrates it`s 50th birthday.
Or also the sounds of the Bar Verdera, with it‘s 2 funky grooving slot-machines .
Or: `What*s the reason, that after some weeks at the beaches the ladies get so shiny eyes with a certain glance ?
“VENUS“ is like the other Chupitos no Compilation-CD, but handmade world.music by Trep-X with different singers and lyrics in spanish, english, italian and french,
for the people that live on, visit and love the pityuses slands.