Christmas average temperature


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I found Christmas and New Year time very mild in Ibiza last time. Yet, this year, the temperature is already a lot colder than last year....

For you out there who have lived in Ibiza for years, can you advise if last year was specially mild, or just the usual?

(Have invited the family for Christmas again and I don't want them to freeze....)

who knows celine??

you're right, that at the moment is is a _lot_ colder than last year (at least 5 º) in october. we were at the beach almost every day until early november last year!

however.... you just can't tell can you. i think we are going to have an indian summer in november to make up for the rubbish october ;-)

p.s. talk about extremes - hottest summer ever, worst october ic an remember - if this is global warming, it sucks
I shall be as close to Ibiza as the budget will allow in the first few days of December in Majorca so hope it will be reasonably mild and dry.