Christmas 2009


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Odd question - are there any club nights in Ibiza for New Years Eve?

I have no holiday left from work to go during the summer so Christmas is the only time I have off and I though Ibiza for NYW would be pretty cool!

pacha is open and also smaller venues like underground, el ayoun etc.
nice and really familiar atmosphere although absolutely not comparable with the vibe during the summer.
oh, i haven't seen the word islas, now i have also noted, that this is on 31.12., the circoloco@matter will be on 1.1.

maybe there will really a circoloco@dc10
In Rene myspace also see Islas Balears on 31.12 but is in Mallorca, in the Fonica club. I think Andrew Grant also is invited there.

And I talked with Ibiza resident friend and told me not open dc10 in new year

: (

See you in may !