Choices... Ibiza or Mykonos



Hi everybody,

I was wondering if any of you have visited Mykonos - the Greek island,
what are zour experiences about it ?

I am in doubt wether to go to Ibiza again this year or to go to Mykonos.

Any opinions, good or bad are welcome


Steve P.
Mykonos isn't really a 'clubbing' experience. It's more the beach bar thing, with people going nuts. There are many bars and a few nightclubs, but the beach bar/clubs are where the action is. You don't get any international DJ's or the like. The island is much smaller than ibiza, and gets very crowded

Like all the Greek isles, it's a beautiful place, but if you're looking for a 'clubbing' experience, you won't find it will however, have a kick ass time in Mykonos.

If you haven't been to the Greek isles before, you should go. Even though Mykonos is quite cosmopolitan these days, it still retains the unmistakable beauty of the Greek isles.........with a party edge to it.
I think Mykonos is quite a gay holiday resort (Not that ive got anything against this) but just thought i better let u know